Opposing Points in Your Essay

Let’s say you have taken a first side of the coin then you will write points related to this in take sides this side this paragraph but make sure that you also negate the opposing point of view for example let me give you an example let’s say if somebody asks you should Raghu Rama Rajan have been allowed to take the second you know Tom or should his tenure as the governor of the Reserve Bank of India be have been extended now let’s say you want to say yes yes Raghu Rama Rajyam should have been extended so this is the positive side yes if you want to say no.

It’s fine whatever the government has done it’s fine so no right now on the positive side if you are saying that Raghu Rama Rajan’s any or should have been extended then you write my essay nz why it should have been extended so you can write all those points that well he is a very renowned economist number one he has been able to reduce the CPI inflation the CPI inflation is the lowest in the last ten years so right these type of points which which you know right about his performance right about some of the extraordinary things which he has done so for example he has been instrumental in formulation of lot of policies like in the Thermage plan for revival of the banks something like that that you write in this farah where you are supporting his extension.

But don’t forget to negate the opposing point of view for example when you have taken your side and you have written why he should be there you also have to write why the people who think he should not be there you know they are wrong for example one of the criticism of Raghuram Rajan is that in his tenure he has not been able to revive the public sector banks now there are 27 public sector banks in India and he has not been able to revive there is still a lot of loss in fact officially RBI has said that almost half the banks have posted losses in the last one year so what was the average undoing he has not been able to do it I agree that some part some part of the blame must also go to the Ministry of Finance but he has also to take his share of blame so this is a valid this is a valid point of view for those who don’t want to his extension so how do you counter that then you should say that mission in revenues is a recent plan and whether it be roots or not remains to be seen we say that the policies which are designed by Rajan will not do any good to the public sector banks so then how will you start writing it you say that some people say that Raghu Ram Rajan has not been able to revive the public sector banks however it is too early to judge him since the policies that he has formulated are recent so something like that so whichever the point.